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Colour Change

Change the look and colour of your vehicle without compromising the original paint job.


Vehicle wrapping benefits

Wrapping your car provides several benefits that contribute to the longevity of the paint job.


Firstly, the vinyl helps to shield the original paint from various environmental hazards. This is particularly beneficial on highways and busy streets where debris and loose gravel can cause damage. The vinyl serves as a sacrificial layer, absorbing small impacts and minimising the chances of deeper damage to the paint. When the vinyl wrap eventually wears out or becomes damaged, it can be easily removed, revealing the preserved and intact paint underneath.


Secondly, the wrap protects the car's paint from UV rays, preventing fading and discoloration over time. Sun exposure can gradually dull the vibrancy of the paint, but a vinyl wrap acts as a barrier, preserving the original color and shine.


Wrapping your car, therefore, offers a cost-effective way to extend the life and beauty of your vehicle's paint job while maintaining its resale value.

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